Anthonie Jansz van der Croos

Anthonie Jansz van der Croos - A landscape with travelers

A landscape with travelers

Anthonie Jansz van der Croos was born in Alkmaar, ca. 1606/07. Little is known about his life. In 1632 he went to The Hague, where it is possible he was taught by Moyses van Wtenbrouck, although this is not recorded in the archives. His earliest known picture however is dated 1627, indicating he was active as a painter long before going there. In 1632 he married Johanna Bijl (he was to remarry in 1646); he purchased a house in Scheveningen in 1634. In 1647 he became a member of the local guild of St Luke in the Hague. His neighbour was the well-known landscape painter Jan van Goyen, who hugely influenced van der Croos’ style. He returned to his native Alkmaar between 1649-51, before definitively settling in The Hague, where he co-founded the Confrérie Pictura in 1656. He taught several pupils, of which the best known is the landscape painter Jacob Theunisz van der Croos, who was probably his son.

Van der Croos was primarily a land- and cityscape painter, of which the present work is a beautiful – though minute – example. Quickly painted in loose brushstrokes, it is a very nice addition to van der Croos’ oeuvre.

Artist: Anthonie Jansz van der Croos (Alkmaar 1606/07 - 1662/63 The Hague)
Medium: oil on paper on panel
Dimensions: 4,5 x 8,5 cm