Jan I Peeters

A naval battle; a town beyond

Jan I Peeters was born in Antwerp in 1624. He was first taught by the relatively unknown painter Joannes Boots; afterwards, he became a pupil with his older brother, the marine painter Bonaventura Peeters. In 1642 he became a member of the guild of St Luke. Jan Peeters produced a few portraits and architectural studies; he mostly specialized in landscapes, marines and cityscapes. Of the latter he produced a great many on his journeys, which took him across France and Italy and as far as the coast of Libya and Egypt. It has been suggested that some of his cityscapes were commissioned for military purposes, as they often show the strategically important points in the depicted cities.

The present tiny drawing, which is thought to be an early work by the artist, depicts a – probably imaginary – naval battle in the foreground; in the background, a hilltop fortress and a town can just be made out.

Artist: Jan I Peeters (Antwerp 1624 - 1677) (attributed)
Medium: blue ink and wash on laid paper
Dimensions: 64 x 110 mm