Pieter Bout

A lively harbor scene

Pieter Bout was born in Brussels, probably ca. 1640/1645. He spent most of his career in Brussels: he got married in 1667 and became a master of the Brussels guild of St Luke in 1670. His earliest known work dates from 1664 (currently in the Museo Nacional de Arte Antiga in Lisbon). He spent some time in Paris, although when precisely has been much debated. From 1677 onwards he remained in Brussels, until his death, after 1688.

Bout was a very versatile painter: not only was he an accomplished painter of cityscapes, often with large crowds (while in Paris, he painted several crowded views of the city), but he also produced harbor scenes, architectural pieces and landscapes. He also collaborated with other artists, such as Lucas Achtschellinck, Adriaen Fransz Boudewijns and Jacques d’Arthois, painting the figures in their landscapes. In the present painting, Bout has successfully united several themes in one single setting, showing his Italianate influences, as well as demonstrating his mastery of many different genres. 

Artist: Pieter Bout (Brussels ca. 1640 - 1689/1719?)
Medium: oil on panel
Dimensions: 31 x 43 cm