Pieter Meulener

A cavalry skirmish in a forest landscape

Pieter Meulener was born in Antwerp in 1602. He was taught by his father, the painter Jan de Meuleneer. In 1631 he became wine master in the guild of St Luke. As no early works by Meulener are known, it is widely assumed he continued assisting his father for quite some time. In the 1640’s he acquired quite a reputation as a painter of battles and landscapes, often combining the two, as in the present painting. 

The present painting is a small-scale cabinet painting on copper. Paintings of this size were often used as decoration for cabinet doors and drawers, yet this does not seem to have been the case here. Paintings of battle scenes became very popular in the first half of the seventeenth century in both the Southern and the Northern Low Countries. As was often the case, this is not a depiction of an actual battle, but a purely imaginary scene, set in a very “Flemish” landscape, showing the church spire of a small town in the background.

Artist: Pieter Meulener (1602 - 1654)
Medium: oil on copper
Dimensions: 17 x 22 cm