Willem Jacob Herreyns

Willem Jacob Herreyns - A sheet of figure studies

A sheet of figure studies

Willem Herreyns was a scion of a family of artists: his father was a painter and his uncle a sculptor. As a young painter, he won the first prize for painting from life at the Academy of Antwerp in 1764. In 1800 Herreyns was appointed a teacher-director of the Academy, which had been renamed l’École spéciale de peinture, sculpture et architecture d’Anvers. Under Napoleon, he was allowed to set up a museum in the former Franciscan monastery in Antwerp in 1810. Stylistically, Herreyns is regarded as one of the last painters in the tradition of the Flemish Baroque and, as such, one of the last followers of Peter Paul Rubens, as is evident from the figure studies on the present sheet.

Artist: Willem Jacob Herreyns (Antwerp 1743 - 1827)
Medium: ink on laid paper
Dimensions: 185 x 140 mm
Signed: 'WJ Herreyns', bottom left